Minnie Mae Wood

Minnie Mae Paper was launched in 2008 and in 2019 she got a sister, Minnie Mae Wood. A new tray in ash wood that picks up the soft shapes of the metal wire. Maze Interior works based on the idea of Slow production and here the products get a long life after careful choices. Powder […]


Louise Hederström has been part of the team behind the Avera project, a collaboration with Elfa and The Container Store Avera is a walk in closet solution specially designed for the US market. The team worked closely and intensively in a complex project. All parameters must be taken into account in the process. Quality and […]

Ridge clothes rack

With soft lines and clear function, the series is a continuation of the Ridge series and the collaboration between the Japanese brand House Styling and Louise Hederström. Ridge clothing hangers are designed specifically for the Japanese market. Flatpack and made of ash wood. 2019 House Styling


Anytwo bench invites you to sit together and has an obvious connection with the stool Anyone from 2013. Designed to be able to blend in but still with its own character. Inspired by the straightforward design found in utility furniture in workshops. Powder coated metal with naturally tanned leather. 2019 Maze Interior

Media Evolution City Gängtappen

Media Evolution City: Client Paul Hedqvist: Architect (1958) Wingårdhs: Interior design and solid furnishings Louise Hederström: Interior design and loose interior Gängtappen is Sweden’s first skyscraper and Kockum’s former headquarters. The building is a well-known silhouette in Malmö with its characteristic triangle shape. When Media Evolution City searched for premises to expand their business, the […]


A series of hangers with clear expression that fits in both residential and public spaces. Inspired by the details within the functionalist architecture with clean lines and ease of use that gives the basis for the shape.The series has grown over the years and has become a big family. Powder coated metal wire with birch […]


Inspired by walks around towns and all the stories behind the facades. Simple to rearrange and move around, to build urban spaces with buildings of different height, depths, and colours. Memphis is made of wood from sustainable forestry. 2018 Eurobib


With the Masur furniture range, Louise Hederström continues her close collaboration with upholsterer Carina Grefmar, which began with shelves in their “Ticka Project”. Here they explore further the opportunities and possibilities to challenge the leather, its sculptural possibilities and the possibilities of creating seating with an organic expression. As always, focusing on high quality craftsmanship […]


The Fen table is thought of as a simple symbol for a stream in the forest landscape, where meadows and forests met, there was also mildew and a small pond with insects. “I am often drawn to water, to see what is going under the surface. These streams filled with magic insects also have a […]


Nature is constantly present in the life and work of designer Louise Hederströms, both as a reference for expression and reflecting a deeper interest in the materials and their origins. In the exhibition Understory, she examines nature, going all the way back to the magical experiences of her childhood, while at the same time, commenting […]